Expeditious and Compliant Clearances
Apex Global Logistics established its own Customs Brokerage Services in 2017 and is now able to assist our customers to overcome the complexity of customs clearance. Our expert team and advanced systems ensure that the necessary government declarations are completed accurately and on-time for your import and export shipments.

We have the ability to act on behalf of our customers in a highly favorable manner. We are able to provide remote filing of your customs entries for all shipments moving into the U.S., thus saving your time and effort and minimizing the risks associated with freight forwarding.

All entry types processing: Consumption, Informal, Carnet, Temporary Import, Antidumping and Countervailing, Bonded and Foreign Trade Zone, Reconciliation
Post Entry Adjustments, Supplemental Information Letters, Information Requests, Refund Requests, Voluntary Tenders
Participating Government Entry Adherence: FDA, USDA, F&W, EPA, DOT, etc
Pre-Clearance on a "Wheels Up" or 5 Day Prior Window for Ocean filing
ISF - Import Security Filing
Harmonized Tariff Classifications and Line Reviews (Reasonable Care) & Binding Ruling Services
Trade Research

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